Girls' Night Out

Visits to Petal - 2


Lauren Dane

I write these bonus chapters out of love for these characters and this town. They’re a fun treat for those readers who share that love of Petal, kat & the Murphys and the Chase family. Thank you, readers, for being so wonderful.

Chapter One

“I’m just saying that it’s a shame to waste all that pretty on a bunch of ladies when you could stay home and use it all up on me.”

Maggie looked over to where her husband lounged on the couch, long legs propped up on the coffee table. Even after all the years he’d been hers, he still made her heart kick up every time she looked at him.

Kyle Chase worked with his body. His skin, even in early December, was kissed by the sun. His broad shoulders were muscled from all the landscaping work he did every day.

His hair was in dire need of a cut but she wasn’t complaining because it only made him hotter.

She caught his gaze in her reflection after she secured a curl back with a last pin. “I’ll still have some pretty left when I get home later. Plus, you have a bachelor party to go to.”

He got up and moved to her, that look on his face, and she really considered not going to Lily’s bachelorette party.

Hands on her hips, he turned her slowly and pulled her close, the heat of him surrounding her, his scent all around. “I think we have some ice cream left. You surely remember how much I like eating it.”

Yeah, off her belly. Or the small of her back. A flush worked through her, leaving her faint.

“I do love seeing you get all blurry-eyed over me.” He grinned and kissed her long and slow. “We can drop the kids off at my parents’ and then come back here instead of going out. I feel a little tickle in my throat.”

“Stop being a bad influence.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

He stole another kiss and she gave over to it because, well, why not?

“Everyone thinks you’re the good one. If they only knew.” She laughed as he kissed up her neck, grabbing two handfuls of her behind to keep her close.

“I am the good one. That’s why you’re still with me after all these years despite my crazy family.”

Her family now too. The one she’d been born with hadn’t been much, but being loved by one Chase meant you got the whole package. Three big, handsome brothers who all had wives she considered her closest friends. A nosy, bossy and loveable mother-in-law, and a father-in-law she was grateful her husband took after. Crazy, yes. Noisy, yes. But she loved each and every one of them and wouldn’t want to live a life without them barging into her house at all hours of the day and night.

The kids made noise in the other room, which was pretty much the only thing that enabled her to keep from ripping his jeans open right then and there.

When he pulled back, he still wore that smug guy face. But he deserved to wear it. “You’re a menace to all my ladyparts, Kyle Chase.”

He laughed. “Good to know, Red.”

She brushed her fingertips through the hair at his temples. “Damn, I love that little bit of gray. So sexy.”

“No one would even miss us.” He kissed her again and she hummed her pleasure.

“You know they would. Your sister-in-law is hosting a party for our dear friend, Lily, and your brothers are all going to a party for our other dear friend. It’s not all night, you know.” Her mother-in-law would be keeping the kids overnight so they had plenty of time to get loud and then sleep in afterward.

“Fine. Go on and be responsible and reasonable.” He kissed her forehead. “I’ll drop the kids off on my way to meet the guys over at the Tonk. If anyone gets fresh, let Tate at them. She’s scary. Especially when she’s pregnant.”

Maggie laughed. “We’re going to sit around, eat too much, talk about sex and laugh. It’s the back room at the Pumphouse, it’ll just be us anyway.”

He stepped back with a reluctant sigh. “I’ll see you later. There will be ice cream and your belly.” One of his brows went up as she fought for her breath. “And my tongue. Just sayin’.”

“Can’t wait.” She gulped. “You’re a scoundrel. You know that, right?”

His answering grin told her he did. And thank goodness he was her scoundrel. Their sons were so like him. Good gracious she was going to end up like Polly in a few decades!

“Whatever are you thinking?” He brushed the pad of his thumb over her temple, and she leaned into his touch.

“Nothing bad. Don’t get that panicked face. I was thinking about how the boys were exactly like you and how I’d be like your mother by the time they grew up.”

He wrinkled his nose. “Well if you wanted to throw ice water on my hard-on, mention my mother and that’s that. Thank God you’re a better driver and your hair isn’t nearly as big. But you’re a damned fine momma.”

“Boy oh boy, you’re on a roll tonight. Keep that sexy to yourself or I’ll have to run them over with your momma’s car.”

“You know how much I like it when you get all sassy.”

She rolled her eyes as the kids barreled into the room, calling out for hugs. She happily gave them and a bunch of kisses goodbye before she headed out. They were going to spend the night with their grandparents, and she was a distant second place to sleeping bags in Grammy’s living room and Disney movies with all their cousins.

She was due to pick up Cassie, probably dealing with the same reluctance at leaving her husband behind, in just a few minutes.

Kyle pulled up in front of his brother Marc’s house and honked. He knew Liv was driving over to Lily’s party with Maggie so at least Marc wouldn’t be tangled up in his wife.

For a change.

Each of them had a beautiful wife and wonderful family, but the chemistry between his little brother and his wife was off the charts and the two had a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

Which was probably why Kyle suspected there’d be at least one or two more babies from them. Funny how it was the Chase everyone had thought was the least responsible who’d settled down with a wife and a houseful of kids.

It fit Marc. The ever larger family, the noisy house. He and Liv managed the chaos with humor and a lot of love.

He smiled, thinking of his own three babies. He hadn’t just been flattering his way into Maggie’s underpants when he’d told her she was a wonderful mother. Given the dreadful example she’d grown up with, Maggie parented like it was easy, or natural, and neither was true.

She was the foundation of their family, and it filled him up to near bursting that he had the life he did. And that his wife was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

“Dude, why are you looking like you hit your head on something?” Marc slid into the passenger seat.

“Just thinking about my lovely bride. You ready? I told Shane we’d pick him up at the station. Matt will meet us there too.”

“Ready. Liv took the kids over to Mom and Daddy’s. She called me after to say their place was a madhouse of tiny Chases and Momma looked like she was in heaven.”

“You’d think after getting rid of the four of us they’d be off traveling and enjoying their lives quietly.” Kyle snorted as he headed to the police station. “But no, they really do seem to love being grandparents. Which is good because there are times I’m pretty sure the kids like them better than us.”

“Hell, I would too.”

Shane and Matt waited on the sidewalk as Kyle pulled up.

“Christ it’s cold out tonight.” Shane shivered as he pulled his seatbelt on.

“I’m sure Cassie would have volunteered to warm you up if you’d asked.” Matt elbowed Shane. “Move over.”

Shane elbowed him back. “I’m as over as I’m gonna get. Suck it up. As for my wife? I haven’t seen her all day, actually. I had an early call, which interrupted a pretty damned good start to the morning.” He sighed. “I couldn’t even escape for a nice lunch at home it was so busy. Sometimes I think the cold weather makes people act even worse than they do in full summer.”

“Unlike you fools, I got some this morning so I’m nice and relaxed.” Matt sat back, Kyle was sure, with a big smile on his face.

There was a muffled ouch, most likely from Shane thumping Matt in annoyance.

All was right with the world. Kyle grinned as he drove toward the Tonk.

Chapter Two

Beth knocked on Lily’s door and nearly got mowed down by Nathan, William and Joe as they made their way out of the house.

Joe stopped with a smile on his face. One just for her and she gave him one back. “Hey lookit that. It’s Joe Harris, the man I love.”

“It is indeed. Sorry I missed you this morning.”

She’d slept over at his place but he’d had to be awake way earlier and off to work. He’d gotten up so quietly it hadn’t even woken her. Even Buck, his—their—dog had been quiet and let her sleep.

“You could have woken me up, you know. I’d even have made you breakfast.” And jumped his bones.

He gave her a hug, stealing a kiss as her brothers groaned. “Hush up, you two.” Joe gave Nathan and William a look before turning back to Beth. “You looked so sweet there, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Also, you were quiet so he probably was in shock.”

She looked around Joe to William, Joe’s best friend and her older brother. “Ha.” Then back to Joe. “You, on the other hand, are totally going to reap the benefits of that compliment later on tonight when we get home.”

“Behave yourself now.” Joe raised his brow.

“Us? You guys are going to be in a bar, for goodness’ sake! We’ll be in the back room at the Pumphouse.”

“You and your sisters are capable of getting into trouble anytime, anywhere.”

She may have snickered. “Says you. Who probably had a chair named after him in the principal’s office.”

He grinned. “I’ll never tell. I’ve tamed my wild ways. All for you.”

“You’re totally going to hell for lying.” Nathan poked Joe who winced and socked him back.

“Okay, boys, enough with the pokey, punchy. I need him in one piece and I’m sure Lily would also appreciate Nathan not being bruised up. Which he will be if he lets any of those big-haired, mammoth-hootered hoochies anywhere near your table. I’m just saying.” She fluttered her lashes.

Joe laughed and kissed her one more time. “I’ll do my best to avoid any of those.”

“You’d better, or I’m going to let Buck eat SpaghettiOs and then sleep on your side of the bed.”

“You’re diabolical. He loves that stuff too.” He got closer. “You sure you don’t want to ditch this stuff and spend some time at home?”

“You’re a temptation. But I have penis hats. Penis hats, Joe. Where would I use them if it wasn’t for a bachelorette party? I bet you’d be stingy and not let me wear one out to dinner. Heaven knows Nathan is too prissy to let me wear one to the wedding.”

“God, I’m glad she’s your problem now.” William ushered Nathan and Joe down the walk. “He loves you. You love him. Kiss kiss. Now go on and stay out of trouble.”

She waved, laughing, and headed into Lily’s.

“Hey, ugly, you ready to go eat too much and try to avoid birth stories?”

Lily stood with her brother Chris in the living room. He blushed. “Birth stories?”

“Dude, you don’t even want to know. I don’t even want to know, but something happens to women when they get around each other and they’re mothers. It’s like giving birth twists them and they’ve got PTSD and they have to share the most horrible stuff. Leaking. Bursting. Tearing.


Laughing, Lily tossed a pillow at Beth’s head. “Stop that. You’re going to scar him.”

“Why should I be alone? Amirite, Christopher? Sharing is loving. You coming with us tonight?”

The look of horror on his face made her laugh anew. “No! I’m spending the night at a friend’s house.”

There was a honk outside. He went to look and came back, grabbing his bag. “It’s Jesse’s mom.”

“I’ll be right back.” Lily went out with her brother.

She pulled her phone out and dialed one of her sisters. “You get the cake?”

Anne gave orders in the background and then turned her attention to Beth. “Yes. It’s already at the Pumphouse. I’m just waiting for Tate. Looks like Polly has eleven thousand presents for Lily. We invited her, by the way, and Edward assured her he could handle the kids if she wanted to come out. But we’re no competition for all these babies. I swear if she could roll around in them like a cat in catnip she would.”