That Healing Touch Series by K.Darblyne

Copyright @ 2000 by K.Darblyne. All Rights Reserved.

Book One

The Fellowship

The Healing Touch Series is dedicated to all of the personnel that staff and provide Emergency Medical Services to people everywhere. To their lust for life, I salute the many that I have personally served with and acknowledge the need for their continuing efforts. Without their dedicated effort, many a heart would be mournful.


All names and characters depicted in this story are fictitious and belong solely to me. Any resemblance to a living or dead person is strictly coincidental and completely unintentional. It is my right to place them into situations and emotional turmoil as I see fit knowing full well that I am in total control of the story and it’s outcome. Never fear, my love for these characters will insure their long lasting tale.

VIOLENCE WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts scenes of violence and /or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other that this story. The story revolves around a Trauma Hospital and therefore is laced with patients involved in a trauma of one kind or another.

MATURE THEME WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts scenes of a mature nature. Although nothing is graphic in nature, and depending on the imagination of the reader, this story will be given a self-imposed rating of R. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not read it.

SUBEXT WARNING/DISCAIMER: But of course! What would a story about the bonding power of friendship and love be without subtext? After all, isn’t that what we like the most about it.

SPECIAL THANKS go out to the numerous people who both helped and encouraged me along the way in this my first endeavor. To: Pat for her fond remembrance of ambulance rides. To Deb for her help in how to spell TRAUMA and technical name support. To Annie that thought enough of it to put me in touch with one excellent beta reader, Inga who painstakingly read each chapter over and over again until perfected. To WolfDragon who had faith in it and offered to post it before it’s completion, but most of all to the long time friend that humored me at first then acted as editor trying to not let me look too badly to you, my public.

FEEDING THE BARD: With any work, I like to know how it is effecting you and your feelings on my attempt to entertain you. I ask that you feed the bard with you helpful critics and thoughts. Remember that no helpful criticism will go unheeded and will only aid me in providing a better story for you next time. I can be reached at and do look forward to hearing from my readers.

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Chapter 1

The taxi came to a stop at the entranceway lined with stark wrought iron fencing. It was an errie sight, as though the early morning fog had swallowed everything just past the ominous looking gates. The driver paused casting his eyes into the rearview mirror. His gaze now fixed on the silent figure staring out the side window.

This was not one of his favorite areas to take passengers to, especially this early in his shift. It was too far from the downtown area with all of its quick lucrative fares. He cursed himself as he thought of how attractive and stalwart the woman had appeared as she approached his cab. If she had not been a real looker, he surely would have passed on this particular trip.

A smirk came to his face, and his words were almost inaudible as if he were thinking in a whisper. "It might not be dollars in my pocket, but is sure is payment for my eyes. After all she picked ME over the others parked at the taxi stand."

This would be payment enough since he knew that in this lifetime his chance of personally attracting someone of her caliber was slim to none.

It seemed like an eternity before he was able to find the words, "You getting out here?"

Still fixed in her position she slowly answered, "No, not here. Take the first road to the left and stop by the reflection pool." The woman was amazed that she remembered the way, after all it was a long time since her last visit here. The memories began to flood into her mind. Her eyes became moist, but no tears would come. She knew that they had all been spent on her first visit some nineteen years ago. She had vowed to herself at that time that crying was a waste of energy that could be put to better use. Energy that could eliminate pain and sorrow…yes, that feeling of loss so no one else would have to suffer as she had and for that matter, still did.

The cabbie resumed the forward motion following her directives. He could feel the melancholy exuding from the stoic passenger, his heart wanting to offer her support. He resigned himself to the fact that this was not possible.

"Would you like me to wait for you?" His eyes searching in the rearview mirror for hers.

"Yes, thank you. I’ll only be a few moments."

She opened the door and climbed out of the taxi. The ride had been long and her body felt relieved to stretch as she walked around to the right side of the reflection pool. The rows of stones materialized slowly, one by one as her steady gait advanced her down the length of the pool. Then out of nowhere it seemed to jump out at her. She stopped abruptly as she recognized her family name in large letters across the top of the marble stone, Trivoli. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she could feel her hands tremble as she reached out to touch the stone, hoping somehow to connect with those of her past. She knelt, running her outstretched fingers over the name, Lucas.

"You’re not forgotten," she whispered. "You are the guiding force in my mind that enables me to continue on." She bowed her head and shook it slowly; "No one ever needs to feel this pain. No one!"

As if on cue, a gentle wind blew causing her shoulder length raven hair to caress her face. The woman turned looking into the breeze and allowed a small lopsided smile to emerge. "You always knew how to comfort me, didn’t you?"

If only things were different. If only we could be together again, her thoughts raced wildly trying to create images of what should have transpired over the last nineteen years. It tortured her to realize that all of her love and devotion could still leave such a cold empty feeling.

Bowing her head as though in homage she quietly whispered. "I promise, I will make a difference." Reaching out she gently placed a blown kiss on the cold marble and rose to her feet. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and turned with almost military perfection. Her walk was purposeful as she returned to the awaiting taxi.

She paused half way into the rear seat, turning for one last look. "I promise." The words were barely audible.

The dark hair floated in the air as her head now quickly turned, her intense blue eyes pinning the driver who was staring in utter amazement. His mouth was agape; he could not believe his sight. Those eyes, they were the bluest he had ever seen. Words…God…his mind and body were failing him as he tried to respond. His mouth left hanging open, his ears could hear her say, "Now, to the Emeryville Train Station." Her voice was commanding him.

Slowly he nodded and turned, his body reacting on autopilot as he placed the cab in drive and started the journey. The beautiful woman settled herself for the ride. She looked into the mirror and then to the picture of the cabby on the back of the seat. Her gaze now went back to the mirror.

"Thanks for waiting, Jake."

His eyes darted to the mirror and a warm smile came across his face. "You’re welcome."

She had called him by name and it had made him feel good. Yes, he was glad that he had accepted this fare. Now with every ounce of pride in his cab and himself he drove on to Emeryville.


The ride did not seem as long this time and soon the beaming cabby pulled into the drop off area of the train station. His time in the presence of this alluring creature had come to an end, but he did not mind. After all, she had chosen him to share in her touching farewell and he was glad that he could be of service.

He got out and held open the door for his passenger. She emerged and stood next to him. He gauged her at close to six foot as he looked up into her bronzed complexion and azure blue eyes.

She smiled at him while reaching with her right hand into her Dockers front pocket. She took his hand and pressed a bill into it. "This should take care of everything. Oh, and Jake, Thank You again," her eyes expressed her sincerity.

"Sure, anytime ma’am." was all he could say.

She hoisted the strap of the garment bag over her shoulder with ease and reached back to grab the small overnight duffel bag off of the seat. She nodded to him and strode over to the entrance of the train station.

He watched her pass through the doors and sighed. She was gone from his sight when he finally opened his hand and looked at its contents. "Wow! A hundred bucks!" His eyes bugged out. Yeah, he was glad she had picked him.


She presented her folder to the older man at the ticket window. "Is the train on time?"

"It starts here, it better be on time," he said with a wink, shuffling through her ticket vouchers. "Lets see now, train #6 to Chicago with a final destination of Pittsburgh. Do you have any bags to check in?"

She shook her head, "No."

"Then you’re good to go, Miss. We’ll be boarding in a few minutes. Have a nice trip." He stapled a boarding pass to the folder and handed it back to her.

She smiled at him and nodded, "Thanks."

The statuesque woman shifted her luggage from one hand to the other and ambled out onto the platform, thankful that she never accumulated many possessions in her life. She detested being tied down to anything or anyone in particular. It just wasn’t her style.


The train had slowed to a stop and the smartly dressed conductor leaned out of the stairway, looking up and down the length of the train. He descended the steps and yelled, "All aboard!" His eyes fell to her as he held out his hand for her boarding pass. She handed it to him and waited silently.

"You’re in sleeper #1304. That’s two cars down, just passed the dinner."

"Thank you," she answered and found her way down to the appropriate car.

With her hand on the railing, she stepped up into the doorway. She halted on the step and slowly turned half way around as to survey the scene. Taking a deep breath in she muttered to herself. "And so, the journey begins." Her steps were filled with confidence as she continued into the passageway to find her reserved sleeper area.

The young uniformed man turned to her asking, "Ticket, please."

She handed the folder to him and again waited.

"You’re in #6, that will be half way down on the right." His voice was clear and energetic. "First time on the train?"

"Yes, I thought that I might want to see the country."

He shook his head as he handed the ticket folder back to her, "That you will. Press the call button if you need anything. My name is Carl and I’ll be your train attendant for this leg of your trip."

"Thanks," her hand trying to steady the large garment bag in the narrow aisle.

"Ma’am, you can stow that big piece of luggage on one of those compartments." The train attendant motioned to the metal shelving. "The sleeper will be a little crowded otherwise."

She smiled at him and carefully placed her piece of luggage on the top shelf. She nodded in appreciation and ascended the narrow stairway. She continued down the aisle until she came to the lighted #6 suspended from the ceiling. The door was open and she peered inside.

It appeared no smaller than the area she was accustomed to be quartered in on board ship for the last year or so. ‘Yeah…I can do this for three days with no sweat.’ Her thoughts were of her first night aboard ship and trying to find enough space to relax and stretch out. A tiny smile toyed with her lips as she placed her duffel under one of the seats. ‘Well, at least I have a view with this cabin,’ she thought as she made herself comfortable using the seat facing her for a footrest. ‘There, that should discourage anyone from visiting.’ Her eyes gazed out of the large window at the landscaped area around the station. It was stark, much like her life with only her goals acting as the mile markers.